E. Jane Brehany, P.A.

Pensacola Family Law And Appellate Attorney With More Than 29 Years Of Experience

E. Jane Brehany, P.A.

Doing business with E. Jane Brehany, P.A., means forming a partnership with your attorney to pursue your important legal objectives together. I welcome and expect active participation from my family law clients as we work toward resolution of key issues that may impact lives for years to come.

I bring knowledge and experience to the table. My clients bring uniquely intimate, keen awareness of their family dynamics. I help clients find workable solutions that take into account the various points of view in a divorce or child custody (parenting plan) matter, including perspectives of:

  • Spouses — wives and husbands — who seek equitable property division and workable parenting plans
  • Children, whose needs must come first in child support and creation of parenting plans, whether for unmarried parents or as part of a divorce
  • Family law judges, whose opinions and decrees can take precedence if spouses or parents do not agree or if a settlement agreement is not in line with the court’s standards

Dedicated Pensacola Family Law Attorney

My role as your family law attorney is multi-faceted. I am here to educate you and prepare to you to make the right choices as you approach dissolution of your marriage or seek resolution of a parenting plan dispute. I am ready to advocate on your behalf in settlement negotiations, in court or through family law appeals. I apply compassion along with skills honed through more than 29 years of experience.

Despite my many years of experience as a Florida lawyer practicing family law, I never forget that each client and each case is unique. The processes at my law firm for your divorce or parenting plan case will be tailored to your needs. The first step is an initial consultation during which I will listen carefully before offering my honest assessments and recommendations.

About E. Jane Brehany

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To schedule a consultation regarding an appellate matter or any family law issue, contact me by email or by phone at 850-462-3397.