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Controlling Your Costs


We strive to provide quality legal work, offer our clients the most up-to-date, sound legal advice, and provide a pleasant atmosphere. Often, going through this difficult period in your life can be emotionally and financially draining. Therefore, below are a few suggestions that will help you control some of the fees and costs associated with your case.

Make Your Own Copies
We need 2 sets of all discovery documents (tax returns, bank statements, etc.) One set is for our office and one set is provided to the opposing party pursuant to the requirements of law. When you make your own copies, there can be a significant savings. Additionally, the attorney and paralegal time we could spend sorting your documents and making copies could be better spend focusing on more important aspects of your case.

Organizing Your Copies
We will give you detailed instructions for the documents that are mandatory for you to provide. These instructions should help you organize your documents for my review. By following the instructions and attaching the requested documents to the corresponding instructions, you will be much more familiar with your documents, which will help in preparing for the different phases of your case. Again, it will be more cost effective if the documents are organized upon delivery to my office, so that the cost of arranging the documents will not be necessary.

Provide Complete Copies
We are required to provide complete documentation by law. A great deal of attorney and paralegal time can be spent looking through incomplete documents and having. to follow-up with you to complete those items. For example, tax returns always have W-2s and often have schedules attached. Bank and credit card statements often have several pages, sometimes including a page at the end with no account information on it. You must provide every single page of each document requested. If complete documents are not provided, there can be repetitive requests and additional billing of attorney and paralegal time to complete these documents so we can respond properly to the request.

Be Thorough When Completing Forms and Answering Question
We are required to complete certain forms and documents such as financial affidavits, and interrogatories. Any time you are provided a form to fill out or interrogatories to answer, do not leave any blanks. Fill out every form in its entirety. Failing to be thorough can result in additional billing of attorney and paralegal time to obtain the answers to fill in the missing information.