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Family Law Appeals | Pensacola Attorney

While many family law cases can be resolved out of court, many do go to trial. Critical issues are often settled before a judge and/or jury. After a trial, the party that did not prevail may appeal if it can be shown that there were legal errors in the original court case. Justification for appeals in a family law may be verifiable allegations that:

  • Assets were not divided properly in a divorce.
  • Hidden assets were not taken into account.
  • Child custody was not awarded fairly.
  • A prenuptial agreement that determined terms in the event of a divorce was not, in fact, valid.

An attorney with ample trial experience is best qualified to handle appeals. I am E. Jane Brehany, appellate lawyer in Pensacola with many accomplishments in the area of family law appeals. I have brought a great many cases before the District Court of Appeal and to the Supreme Court of Florida and have won many of those appeals.

Family law appeals are often very time sensitive. I work collaboratively and intensively with my clients to prepare effective appeals. Successful appeals comply with detailed procedures, including:

  • Obtaining a written transcript (quite expensive) of the trial in question, prepared by a court reporter
  • Filing a notice of appeal within 30 days of the original court order
  • Preparing compelling arguments in support of the appeal, based on laws, evidence and court procedures in the original trial

I handle appeals based on divorce and child custody cases originally under the direction of other family law attorneys, as well as family law cases proceeding from my own law practice. My accomplishments in family law appeals speak for themselves. My experience, knowledge and diligence pay off time and again.

Appealing Child Support Orders, Child Custody Orders And Property Division In Divorce

If we work together on a spousal support, child support or child custody appeal, I will keep you involved and informed as an invaluable partner. The outcome of your family law appeal is likely to carry great consequences for your future. I keep this reality squarely in focus as I apply my skills and give my best efforts to family law appellate cases.

To discuss your family law case in need of appeal, contact me as soon as possible. Call 850-462-3397. Attorney referrals are welcome.